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Key benefits of our face to face training:

  • A network of 2000+ expert trainers who background is specific to the CLA (children looked after) sector.
  • Over 400+ specialist courses (including mandatory, first aid, de-escalation and therapeutic).
  • Each trainer a specialist within their chosen subject.
  • Every trainer has their own equipment and presentations.
  • We allow you to personalise the course based on the young people in your care and include any of your policies for free.
  • Every face to face course is fun and interactive and includes real case studies.
  • All training is certificated and come with an extensive course-related handbook for each learner.
  • We only use local trainers.

We are a network of your local trainers whose background is specific to the CLA sector. I am hoping today is the start of a great relationship where we can add some real value to your service provision.

The Social Care Training Hub has always been about collaborations and we understand that to make a real difference to a young person’s life you have to be willing to have an open outlook in terms of choosing the best resources and experts possible to achieve the key learning outcomes to enable the learners to do their job effectively with young people.

In line with our goals, our training is designed to make a real and lasting difference for learners who look after children as they develop and grow in preparation for a fulfilling adulthood. Focused on helping every young person to realise their potential.

In 2014, we embarked on a campaign to consciously shake up the looked after children sector. There was one goal – to reach out to every single trainer and consultant across the UK, that specifically work within the CLA sector, and create the largest hub in the UK of exceptional individuals.

Fast forward to today – The Social Care Training Hub manages in excess of 2000+ freelance trainers and consultants. Delivering exceptional training sessions and services as standard. By managing the paperwork side of things for our experts, each session is centred around engagement and interaction with a key focus on making sure that every learner leaves each session with the knowledge required to work with the challenges faced by young people in their care.

By being able to access all your experts from one place, our clients have more time to focus on other key parts of their service provision. Another key element of what we do is the centralisation of our client’s associated paperwork such as invoices, certificates, and material etc.

Overall our clients tell us that they achieve a time and cost saving of up to 40% whilst still achieving exceptional learning outcomes.

The Social Care Training Hub has a team of dedicated training consultants that are best placed to work with you hand in hand to map out your training needs. Once a training need has been identified, or your training planner is ready to be implemented, the first thing we will ever do is provide an extensive course breakdown for each course laying out the learning outcomes that will be covered within the session.

As a valued client, you will be allocated your very own training consultant whose job it will be to communicate effectively to our quality assurance department so the best trainer possible is allocated to your training need.

Once a training need has been identified the more challenging task can be working out how to get all of your learners together at the same time. To assist in this process, we allow you to pick your own date and venue as the training has to fit in with the learner’s schedules.

Each training need we cover will be fun, engaging, interactive, and comes with a handout for the day, with every learner receiving a certificate and course related handbook. We also pride ourselves on the PARKING facility within each session, which allows the learners to spend some time with the trainer at the end asking questions and openly discussing parts of the session that need expanding on.

To discuss your training needs, please contact us on 0800 774 7874 or email us at
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Terms and Conditions
  1. You must only allocate courses to employee or foster carers to whom are directly registered under your services that are registered via your regulators registration. You cannot allocate courses to non-associated learners.
  2. Payment is strictly within 30 days. The free 30-day credit terms will be withdrawn and the daily charge of £10 per day applied from the day the invoice is generated should payment not be received within 30 days. After 30 days the daily charge is £30 per day. In addition to the charges any discounts will be retracted and the invoice will be recalculated using your default rate which are listed below. These are £50 for online credits and £720 for face to face training.
  3. All purchased credits do not expire. However it is your responsibility to notify us if you would like a credit reimbursing back to your account should a learner not commence training or no longer is with the company.
  4. The free Online courses we offer every 12 weeks can be used without a credit being taken and any learner allocated the course while they are free has unlimited time to complete the course. How ever should you have previously allocated any of the free courses when they where paid courses you will not get a credit back should you take the course back whilst the course is free. Please wait until the course is again a paid course to make sure you receive your credit back.
Our Guarantee To You

We work very hard to keep our courses up to date and relevant. To do this we work with numerous industry professionals within Fostering, Children Homes, Schools and Early Years.

Should you find any of the following issues please let us know immediately:-

  1. General functional error.
  2. Media malfunction within the course.
  3. Incorrect information within the course.
  4. Missing legislation within the course that should be included.

It would be unreasonable to simply follow instructions from this course without the assessment of the specific circumstances and conditions

The Social Care Training Hub will not accept responsibility for any consequences that may result from decisions made upon the basis of information or advice given during this course.

It is important that you follow your organizations Policy and Procedure at all times.

Any errors reported but not rectified within 72 hours we guarantee to give you your full money back.


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From Friday the 5th May 2017 to Tuesday 16th May 2017 you will not be able
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Normal access will be resumed on the Tuesday 16th May 2017.